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Please check the FAQs below before contacting us with a question. You will hopefully find the answer here and we will be adding to these as we are contacted with enquiries.

Apprentices FAQs

What is "recognised prior learning"?

Recognised prior learning (RPL) can be applied to the term of the contract but is assessed on an individual case basis, in consultation with the employer offering the apprenticeship. Any cost associated with this process is to be met by the applicant. To initiate RPL you must submit a request to JIRBNZ and supply your employment and training history.


Employers FAQs

Should I take on an apprentice, am I obliged to employ the apprentice for the full period of the apprenticeship?

Yes. You will will sign a legally binding contract in which you agree to train the apprentice throughout the period of the apprenticeship. However, every apprentice shall be subject to a probation period of three months from the commencement of the apprenticeship. The purpose of this probation period is to enable the employer to assess whether the apprentice is capable of learning the skills and theory of the industry and to enable the apprentice to assess whether he/she wishes and/or is able to learn the skills and theory of the industry. During the probation period the employer or the apprentice may terminate the apprenticeship training agreement at any time. However, this does not override the personal grievance provisions of the Employment Contracts Act.