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Tribute The Jewellery Industry Registration Board is an incorporated society that has been formed to represent the jewellery industry in New Zealand as a whole.

To do so JIRBNZ has representatives from and/or affiliations with the following jewellery industry organisations:

JIRBNZ is the body responsible for the holding the JIRB NZ register of those Tradespeople who have been Certified by Industry as having been assessed as work competent. Once Trade Certificate has been issued these members are recognized as being qualified to be referred to as Tradesmen and Registered.

JIRBNZ registers apprenticeship contracts and oversees the delivery and compliance of that training and the issuing of Certification once training has been completed to the recognized industry standard. (Trade Certificate Level 4)

JIRBNZ issues Trade Certificates for Manufacturing Jewellery, Watch & Clock Making and Gem Setting and issues Certificates of Due Completion of Apprenticeship for the Engraving section of the industry.


Every application for membership shall be made in writing to the Executive on a form prescribed by the Executive.  Every applicant shall pay an entrance fee, the amount of which shall be fixed by the Executive. Provided the applicant is approved by the Executive, the applicant's name shall be entered in the Register of Members. The 2016 -2018 Membership fee for ordinary members is no charge.

Please download the JIRBNZ Individual Membership Application Form here. 


The Executive of the Society shall consist of not more than ten persons being:

- One Chairperson
- One Secretary
- One Treasurer
- seven Committee members

who shall be elected for a two year term at each alternate year's Annual General Meeting. The Executive shall contain members from the following industry groups:

2022-2024 Elected Executive Members



The purpose of the JIRBNZ is to issue Certification by the Trade on successfully completing the requirements necessary to be recognised as having completed an apprenticeship and the necessary requirements to be certified as having being assessed as competent and to be registered as a Trade Certified Tradesman.

To foster and promote training and to ensure the continuation of delivery of industry vocational apprenticeship training cumulating with the issuing of industry recognized Trade Certificates. This maintains a professional workforce that has the confidence of the New Zealand consumer.  

JIRBNZ currently manages the registration of:



Every Member shall be provided with a copy of these rules free of charge.